Quality Control

Technical expertise and quality assurance are the Group's strengths. In addition to tank design and fabrication expertise, the group prides itself on its bitumen technology credentials.

Group is building a fully equipped state of the art laboratory for testing of base bitumen, modified bitumen, bitumen emulsions and cutback bitumen products. The laboratory is located in our Sharjah Terminal in UAE. The laboratory caters to the Group's rigorous in-house Quality Control requirements, as well as to customers' routine and project specific Quality Plans.

Quality Assurance:
The Group practices the following QA methodologies:

  • 1. Facilitating the testing of bituminous products by customers or their representatives. Customers will have full access to use our in-house fully equipped laboratory, which is currently in development, either themselves or via their 3rd party nominee.
  • 2. Consistency in testing parameters allows the clients of Gulf Petrochem Industries to be confident in the quality of product procured. Samples are drawn from one or all of the following points: At the refinery, at the export terminal, from the ship and at the discharge port.

The Company also maintains an in-depth database of laboratory test results for bitumen from several refineries. These data date back to 1996 and allow the group to closely monitor the consistency of the performance of bitumen supplies in reference to their crude source and refining techniques followed by individual refineries.

Gulf Petrochem Industries’ expertise and established credentials enables it to work with refineries to produce special grades of bitumen in addition to grades that meet more traditional specifications including penetration, viscosity, and performance grades.