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Bitumen is a black or dark-colored (solid, semi-solid, viscous), amorphous, cementations material that can be found in different forms, such us rock asphalt, natural bitumen, tar and bitumen derived from oil, which is referred to as petroleum bitumen.

Currently most of the roads globally are paved with bitumen. Today the world’s demand for bitumen accounts for more than 100 million tons per year, which is approximately 700 million barrels of bitumen, consumed annually.

Petroleum bitumen is typically referred to as bitumen or asphalt. In Europe for instance bitumen means the liquid binder. In North America, on the other hand the liquid binder is referred to as asphalt, or asphalt cement.

Bitumen Uses:
Known for its adhesive and cohesive assets, bitumen is mostly utilized in the construction industry. Bitumen is applied on road paving because it is viscous when hot, but solid once it cools down. Therefore Bitumen operates as the binder/glue for pieces of the aggregate. Bitumen is applied in construction and maintenance of:

  • Highways
  • Airport Runways
  • Footways/ Pedestrian Ways
  • Car Parks
  • Race Tracks / Tennis Courts
  • Roofing
  • Damp Proofing
  • Dams
  • Reservoir and Pool Linings
  • Soundproofing
  • Pipe / Cable Coatings
  • Paints

Our Product and Services
Gulf Petrochem Industries has firmly established itself into Bitumen Manufacturing, Specializing in Bitumen Oxidization, the storage of Bitumen and the marketing of the product. Gulf Petrochem Industries is gaining share in the market due to its state of the art equipment and facilities, low cost labor and energy, no or lower corporate taxes or duties, and raw material price advantages. The company has a scalable business model and a strategy to utilize the company’s technological advantage, highly efficient business processes, and talents of an entrepreneurial management team to achieve its growth objectives. The current strategy of Gulf Petrochem Industries includes growth through gaining share in markets such as the (GCC, Mid-East, East-Africa, Far East, CIS and European) as well as Asia.

The Company isrecognized among the most dependable Bitumen Storage Tanks Manufacturers and Suppliers in Middle East, Far East regions and across the globe. Clients from every diverse regions in the world place immense and repeated orders for the Asphalt Storage Tanks due to the unmatched quality and unbeatable performance in respective applications. Customers are also facilitated with the availability of the Bitumen Storage System within predetermined time frame.